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Steroid addiction is becoming a more and more common epidemic in the United States. This addiction starts with the desire to be something that you are not and were never meant to be. Anabolic Steroid addiction is becoming a serious issue on college campuses around the nation.

Steroids (anabolic) can come in different forms being pills, injectable liquid and topical ointment. The addict will usually take these in cycles. They will be on "roids" for several weeks and then taper off by using an anti-estrogen supplement because coming off of steroids immediately will make the abuser extremely emotional because their body becomes less able to make testosterone on it's own. Therefore, the testosterone slows and estrogen heightens causing horrible mood swings for the person addicted to steriods.

There is a correct way to taper off but sometimes the addict does not know how to do so. The addicted goes into a whirlwind of depression, anger, fear, and anxiety and sees no other way out than taking another cycle. At, we can help with steroid rehab, helping to take people to stop taking steroids in a manner that will be far less severe than someone stopping "cold turkey". Our company uses a holistic approach that will ensure long-term rehab success and will help the addict get their life back.

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The person addicted to anabolic steroids never fully realizes how badly they affect their close friends and family. The sudden outbursts and rages that occur as a result of steriod abuse and addiction can tear a family apart sometimes worse than any other drug. The addict will usually never tell anyone, even their closest relatives and friends, that they are addicted to or on steroids.

The family will then experience the rage and outbursts and will begin to take it personally because of the mannerisms and way of expressing themselves. This can cause the person taking steroids to lose friends, family members, and everything that meant anything.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 660,000 students between 9th and 12th grade ALONE admitted to using steriods. One must not be naive when viewing these stats. They must know that there is no telling how many of the students did not admit to using steroids. The problem increases in colleges around the nation and steroids continue to become an addiction hard to break.

Don't let this be you or one of your family members. Call 1-800-559-9503 NOW! What do you have to lose besides your addiction?

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