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What is Rehab? What exactly do you do while in Drug Rehab?

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Published: November 26 2008, 1:21pm

You often hear about people going to rehab to recover from a drug addiction, alcoholism or a generally excessive partying lifestyle. But, what happens in rehab?

Well "rehab", or "rehabilitation", may not be what most people think. There is a negative perception of rehab in some people's mind, where they envision people in straight jackets and doctors forcing drugs upon them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The main reason for addiction rehab is to break free from the addiction and return to a "normal" lifestyle. That usually means doing completely normal things, giving time for the substance to clear out of the body, and retraining the body, mind and spirit to live without the need for drugs or alcohol.

For example, our rehab programs that we put clients through at our addiction treatment center include physical activities and relaxation treatments. We help our clients to select from a variety of healthy activities that they enjoy and help fold them into an everyday part of their lives. The healthy activities learned during the "rehab" stage continue to be the things that they do instead of needing to fall back on drugs. Read about our treatment center for more information about the specifics of the activities.

Ultimately, rehab is a retraining process, where individuals learn how to lead a healthy life as opposed to one filled with drug, alcohol or other addictions that can destroy lives.

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