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Rehab Phases - The Different Phases of Rehab and Detox

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Published: November 26 2008, 1:37pm

Our programs are precisely engineering to achieve maximum addiction rehab success. Our holistic approach to rehab is split up into different phases that help addicts go through detox and rehabilitate themselves completely.


At Holistic drug addiction treatment center, we have a unique detoxification process in alcohol treatment and addiction treatment. All our doctors are certified addictionologists and recovering addicts themselves. Detox will be very gentle and thorough. When the client is stable and comfortable, he/she will enter the holistic part of the detox. This will include herbs, vitamins, steam baths, whirlpool massage and acupuncture. This is not meant to be fancy but to truly cleanse the body of all drugs. This is done to create clarity of mind, body, and spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions - What are the phases about?

Phase One:

Clients begin Phase 1 with a psychological evaluation and thorough assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses. The average duration of stay for the drug and alcohol treatment is 31 to 90 days. Each client is treated with dignity. The addiction treatment team assesses each individual's specific needs and guides them into one or more of our specialty groups. Phase 1 is a continuation of primary care on an intensive level. The full schedule includes: individual and group therapy, family therapy, lectures, balanced nutrition, fitness activities (such as weightlifting, karate, tai-chi and yoga), meditation and spirituality, bio-feedback, acupuncture, recreation and fun, daily support groups and fellowship (AA, OA, NA, etc.), vocational and educational assistance, and job placement, and liaisons with courts and probation officers.

Phase Two:

Phase 2 is the transitional part of our program. Completing Phase 1 at the drug addiction treatment center, the client is ready to return to the workforce. This can be both stressful and threatening. Considering this we gently ease the client back into the community by helping with job placement. identifying difficulties, and assisting the client in problem solving. For the next 45 days, clients works in the daytime and receive drug and alcohol treatment on evenings and weekends. They also attend the various support groups daily to ensure a smooth transition into the community.

Phase Three:

The aftercare component is our third level of addiction treatment. Clients return once a week for one year, at no charge. Our trained professionals monitor each client's aftercare plan, revising and updating as necessary, with the focus on relapse prevention and problem solving. If the client has a great deal of difficulty adjusting, the treatment team is notified and if need be the client is asked to return for an additional treatment. For out-of-towners, aftercare is coordinated with point of origin.

Nutrition and Physical Fitness: Holistic counseling knows that Nutrition and Physical Fitness go hand in hand and are essential to recovery. Each client will receive weekly lectures from our nutritionist along with an individually tailored program to meet the client's specific needs. Every exercise program will be supervised by our specialist to assure compliance. Our goal is to assist our clients to get into the best physical condition that is medically possible.