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The holistic addiction treatment center is committed to offering the best addiction rehab information to those that need it. In our help section, we will post regular information related to rehab addiction treatments and articles that will help those looking for addiction rehab for themselves, or for a loved one.

Recent Rehab/Addiction Articles

The Holistic Drug/Alcohol Rehab Treatment Approach

A great article about the holistic approach to Alcohol and Drug Treatment Rehab.... Read about holistic alcohol and drug rehab programs compared to tradition rehab programs that don't solve all of the addiction programs in rehab.

Rehab Phases - The Different Phases of Rehab and Detox

Our programs are precisely engineering to achieve maximum addiction rehab success. Our holistic approach to rehab is split up into different phases that help addicts go through detox and rehabilitate themselves completely.... What are the phases of addiction rehab and detox? We split each of the rehab process into into the following three phases...

What is Rehab? What exactly do you do while in Drug Rehab?

You often hear about people going to rehab to recover from a drug addiction, alcoholism or a generally excessive partying lifestyle. But, what happens in rehab?... When people need to overcome alcoholism or a drug addiction, they go to rehab. But what exactly is rehab, and what do people do while in rehab?

Help, I think I'm Addicted to... Do I Need To Go To Rehab?

Not sure if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. How do you know if you are addicted and when do you need to go to addiction rehab?... Do you think you've got a drug addiction or an alcoholism problem and need rehab? Here's some help on knowing if you're addicted and need to go into rehab.

So, What the BEST Rehab Program?

Everybody wants to use the best rehab services and methodology to increase the chances of success. But, what exactly is the best way to rehab?... You always want to find the best way to do rehab programs, but what exactly is the best rehab?

Confronting Addicts: How to Confront Someone with an Addiction

Choosing to confront a friend or family member about a drug or alcohol addiction is an extremely difficult decision to make, but sometimes it just has to be done. You should at least make sure that the confrontation/intervention goes well.... Confronting a loved one that has a drug/alcohol addiction is difficult, but here are some ideas for intervening by confronting them.