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We treat individuals from Portageville, MO with their substance abuse problems. An addiction to drugs or alcohol can ruin a person's life. Individuals who recognize that they have a problem must get help. Our organization works with those who have alcohol and drug addictions. Our staff is professional and well trained. We can help individuals who reside in Portageville, MO and the surrounding area. Call us today. Use the toll-free number at the top of this page.

Drug use continues to be a serious problem in the United States. If you struggle with drug abuse and live in Portageville, MO, please contact us today. Prescription drug abuse is increasingly becoming a problem. The three most abused categories of prescription drugs are opiates, central nervous system depressants and stimulants. Cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, meth and marijuana use continue to be problematic. The very best drug rehab centers will be able to treat both prescription and street drug addictions. If you live in Portageville, Missouri and have a drug abuse problem, we can help. Hurry and call today. Our toll-free number is at the top of this page.

Alcoholism or abuse is a problem that millions of Americans deal with, even in the Portageville, MO area. Alcohol causes changes in an individual's thoughts, moods and consciousness. A person who abuses alcohol can be in as much danger as a person who abuses what are known as 'street' drugs. Individuals who continue to abuse alcohol will face multiple physical and psychological risks. Cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and mental degeneration are all possibilities for those who abuse alcohol. Persons interested in getting help for their alcoholism and live in Portageville, Missouri should give us a call today. Use the phone number at the top of this page.

Most substance abuse treatment centers have recovery rates of between 2% and 20%. This will likely include rehab facilities in Portageville, Missouri as well. This is a pretty low figure. The better drug and alcohol rehab programs typically have higher recovery rates. Bad rehab programs can do more harm then good. A poorly trained and inexperienced staff will be less effective. We help addicts in the Portageville, MO metro area. Give us a call if you or a loved one needs help.

Alcohol and drug abuse is a huge problem in our country. Even people in Portageville, MO have problems with substance abuse. Our organization helps addicts get clean. We pull out all of the stops to help individuals get clean. Our drug and alcohol counselors are extremely capable. You don't have to let alcohol or drugs take over your life. If you need help with a drug or alcohol problem and live in Portageville, MO, we would like to help. Call us today at our toll-free number above.