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Our organization is able to help individuals who live in the Columbia, Missouri area overcome their substance abuse problem. Individuals hooked on drugs or who abuse alcohol assume heavy risks if they do not get help. If a person delays getting help, they only make getting clean more difficult. When an individual realizes their need for help, we are there to provide treatment. We have one of the best staffs in the business. We provide rehab referral services to those in the Columbia, Missouri area. Please contact us so we can help.

Substance abuse is a huge problem in the United States. If you live in Columbia, Missouri, and have a problem with drugs we can help. Not only is illegal drug abuse a problem but legal, prescription drug abuse is as well. Drugs such as Percocet, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Hydrocodone and Xanax are amongst the most abused. The traditional street drugs continue to be abused. Today, drug rehab facilities are better equipped to handle all sorts of drug addictions. We can help with your drug abuse problem. If you live in the Columbia, MO area, please give us a call at the phone number above.

Alcoholism not only affects the user but also those who are a part of their lives. If you live in Columbia, MO and have a problem we would like to help. Alcohol along with marijuana, tobacco and amphetamines, is a psychoactive drug. Even though alcohol is a legal drug, it can be very dangerous and damaging. A person who abuses alcohol puts themselves at risk. An individual faces both physical and psychological risks if they do not get help. Those people in the Columbia, MO who want help getting sober should give us a call today. We can help! Call the toll-free number at the top of this page.

If the substance abuse recovery rates in Columbia, MO are between 2% and 20% and you want better, give us a call. This may seem a bit discouraging at first. However, top rehab programs will have higher success rates. Treating alcohol and drug addicts can be difficult. When a program is run poorly, it makes things even tougher. A good staff can improve a facilities success rates. If you or someone you know lives in Columbia, Missouri and has a problem with alcohol or drugs, please call us today. We can help!

Drug and alcohol addiction continue to be a problem in our country. This is true even in places such as Columbia, Missouri. We are here to help and have what we believe to be one of the best staffs in the business. We have helped people turn their life around. Our staff is extremely capable. You don't have to let alcohol or drugs take over your life. If you or someone you love has drug or alcohol problem, we want to help. If you reside in Columbia, Missouri, call us today.