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Marijuana (sometimes spelled as "marihuana", and also known as "weed" or "pot") produces a feeling of relaxation and uncaring when smoked or otherwise consumed. Although many consider marijuana to be a mild drug, a marijuana addiction can create some serious life-problems for those that become dependent on the drug. Marijuana can lead to job loss, the loss or friends or family and personal hygiene problems due to the care-free emotions produced by the drug.

The holistic addiction treatment center staff understands how difficult it can be to break an addiction to marijuana, but we know that life is ultimately better without it. We help our clients through the entire marijuana addiction recovery and relapse prevention process by using holistic tried-and-tested methods, specifically tailored to each individual's need.

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Marijuana Information

Marijuana (or "cannabis", "weed", "pot") is the most popular illicit drug used in the US. Marijuana is an extract from the plant Cannabis sativa, a herb. THC (technically "Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol") is the main chemical that causes the "high".

Most often, marijuana is smoked either through a pipe, in cigarette rolling paper (with or without tobacco) or in blunts (cigar tobacco wrappers). However, marijuana can also be ingested through the stomach by eating it with food (such as by baking it into cookies) or by brewing it as a tea. Smoking marijuana yields the fastest onset of effects, hence the reason it is the most popular method of administration.

In ordinary form, marijuana appears as a dry and sometimes shredded mix of flowers, leaves, stems and seeds. However, marijuana can also be made into different forms, most notably the "hashish" form where it appears as a hard dark brown resinous substance, and the "hash oil" form, where it appears as a sticky black liquid.

Marijuana Effects

The THC in marijuana rapidly passes from the lungs into the blood and then into the brain, where it interacts with the "cannabinoid receptors". The high produced by marijuana can make it very difficult to think or engage in problem solving. Most startlingly, these problems can last for days and sometimes weeks after the person stops smoking marijuana. Some research indicates that excessive use can negatively permanently affect how the brain operates.

According to research, over 40% of high school seniors have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetimes.

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