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Alcohol Intervention - Interventions for Alcoholics

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Statistically, almost everybody at some point will have a close friend or family member that has an alcoholism problem. An alcohol intervention may be the best way to get them into treatment so they can receive alcohol addiction treatment.

As with most addictions, it's sometimes very difficult for those addicted to alcohol to actually see that they have a problem. Sometimes, alcoholics need to be told that alcohol is taking over their lives. It is only once they have been told that they have problem that they can then confront the problem and seek treatment by going into rehab or joining an appropriate group.

The step of confronting an alcoholic is called intervention, and it is intended to "intervene" with their alcoholism and help them go into rehab, or otherwise encourage them to seek treatment. However, an alcohol intervention must be planned correctly in order for it to work effectively. If an intervention is not correctly implemented, the person being confronted may misinterpret the intentions in a negative manner, which can make the alcoholic tendencies even worse.

For ideas about planning an alcohol intervention, please see our short article on confronting an addict or call us at 1-800-559-9503 to have us help plan your intervention.

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