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We work with addicts from the Winder, GA area to help them overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Persons who fail to get help are at a great deal of risk. The longer an addict waits, the harder it gets to quit. Our organization provides addicts with effective treatment referral resources. Everyone on our staff is well trained and professional. We look forward to helping individuals in Winder, GA with their substance abuse problems. We can be reached at the toll-free phone number on this page.

Drug use continues to be a cause of concern in the United States. If it is a personal concern for you and you reside in Winder, Georgia, we can help. Not only is illegal drug abuse a problem but legal, prescription drug abuse is as well. There are estimates that nearly 20% of U.S. citizens have taken prescription drugs for non-existing medical conditions. Combine that with the continued use of drugs such as cocaine, crack, marijuana and heroin, and our society has a serious drug problem. Today, drug rehab facilities are better equipped to handle all sorts of drug addictions. We help those addicted to drugs in the Winder, GA area. If you or a loved one needs help, give us a call at the phone number above.

Alcoholism not only affects the user but also those who are a part of their lives. If you live in Winder, GA and have a problem we would like to help. Alcohol is known as a psychoactive drug. A person who abuses alcohol can be in as much danger as a person who abuses what are known as 'street' drugs. Alcoholics face multiple and serious health risks. If an individual does not get help for an alcohol addiction, their health, finances and personal relationships may suffer. Those people in the Winder, GA who want help getting sober should give us a call today. We can help! Call the toll-free number at the top of this page.

Many substance abuse treatment programs have success rates that hover between 2% and 20%. This may or may not be the case in Winder, Georgia. This is unfortunate. The better drug and alcohol rehab programs typically have higher recovery rates. Treating alcohol and drug addicts can be difficult. When a program is run poorly, it makes things even tougher. It is paramount that a rehab facility have a great staff and a solid treatment model. If you or someone you know lives in Winder, Georgia and has a problem with alcohol or drugs, please call us today. We can help!

Drug and alcohol addiction is a big problem in the United States, even in cities such as Winder, GA. We are here to help and have what we believe to be one of the best staffs in the business. We have helped many people get clean. Our staff is extremely well trained and has lots of experience. Don't give up on yourself. Break your ties to drugs and alcohol. Call us today to get help with your drug or alcohol addiction. If you live in the Winder, Georgia area, give us a call.