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We work with addicts from the Pembroke Pines, FL area to help them overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Persons who abuse drugs and alcohol hurt themselves and also their family and friends. When a person realizes their substance abuse is out of control, it is imperative to get help. We encourage those ready to take back control of their lives through drug or alcohol rehab to give us a call. You will have the opportunity to work with a well trained and experienced staff. If you need help overcoming substance abuse and live in the Pembroke Pines, FL area, please give us a call at the toll-free number on this page.

The prevalence of drug abuse continues to worry government officials. This is true even in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Not only is illegal drug abuse a problem but legal, prescription drug abuse is as well. Prescription drug abuse only trails marijuana use. Traditional drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, meth and heroin, continue to be used heavily as well. Substance abuse programs have to be able to treat both types of addictions. Please call us today if you have a drug abuse problem. If you live in Pembroke Pines, Florida, please give us a call - use the toll-free number at the top of this page.

Alcoholism affects millions of Americans including those in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Alcohol is a psychoactive drug. Though alcohol is a legal drug, it can cause a lot of damage to a person physically and psychologically. There are number of risks a person is susceptible to if they continue to abuse alcohol. If a person does not get help, illness, broken relationships and death, are all possibilities. We provide alcohol and drug addiction treatment to those from the Pembroke Pines, Florida area. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

If the substance abuse recovery rates in Pembroke Pines, FL are between 2% and 20% and you want better, give us a call. These figures are fairly low and may be discouraging. However, there are some programs that are effective. Those programs which are not very good will be able to help fewer people. Having a professional and experienced staff on board makes a big difference. If you or someone you know lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida and has a problem with alcohol or drugs, please call us today. We can help!

Substance abuse continues to be problematic in the United States. Persons who live in Pembroke Pines, Florida who find themselves with such a problem, need to get help right away. We will help those interested in getting off of drugs or becoming sober. We have helped many people get clean. We employ top-notch, professional alcohol and drug counselors. You can stop abuses alcohol and drugs. Individuals who are from Pembroke Pines, FL and have a substance abuse problem will find that we are here, ready to help.