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Ecstasy (MDMA) Addiction Treatment and Ecstasy Rehab

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MDMA (or "Ecstasy" on the street) is considered a "club drug", because it is usually taken to increase energy levels before going into a nightclub, giving the ability to dance for longer periods of time. Ecstasy creates a feeling of warmth, lovingness and euphoria. These feelings of "ecstasy" can make MDMA a very addictive drug.

At the Holistic Addiction Treatment Center, we provide holistic treatments for ecstasy addiction. With such extensive experience in treating addictions, we understand the how to help people overcome ecstasy addiction better than anyone else, giving you the best chances for success.

We give each client the utmost of respect and caring support, treating both the overcoming of the addiction to ecstasy and resolution of family problems as a result of the ecstasy addiction.

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Ecstasy Drug Addiction Information

Ecstasy is similar to meth in the sense that it produces high levels of extreme energy. The official name for ecstasy is MDMA (3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine). MDMA is taken orally, usually appearing in pill/tablet form on the street (ecstasy pills), but it can also appear as a whitish power that is snorted/sniffed. Snorting MDMA powder normally creates an intense burning sensation in the nostrils, but the "high" is delivered a lot faster than in pill form.

Ecstasy works primarily by causing the production of excessive serotonin in the brain, while binding to the serotonin transporter and preventing it from removing the serotonin from between the neurons in the brain, which further maximizes the serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone responsible for moods and feeling. Because ecstasy alters hormone levels, excessive use can result in permanent damage that can cause a person to have dramatic mood swings and uncontrollable feelings for the rest of their lives. Our ecstasy addiction treatment programs are design to help naturally and safely increase and regulate serotonin levels so that the individual can overcome the addiction to using serotonin altering drugs such as ecstasy.

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