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Getting a Crack Addict To Go to Rehab - How Can You Help Them?

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Published: November 25 2008, 2:53pm

It's unfortunate, but sometimes friends or family members become addicted to crack and they need to go to rehab. But how to we get crack addicts into rehab?

As with most things in life, the WAY in which we approach problems determines the resulting outcome. If you know someone that is addicted to crack and you want them to go into rehab, then you have to approach them in the right way. If you do it wrong, you may push them away, and instead of helping them you will only hurt them and lower your chances of getting them into crack rehab.

If you haven't already confronted the crack addict, it's important that you do. Planning an intervention is something that you should consider, and it's something we can help with (we've been very successful). The confrontation/intervention should be done in a loving way so that the addict doesn't feel like they are being criticized. It is important that you make the key points:

  1. They do indeed have a crack addiction problem that is affecting their life (and their loved ones).
  2. That their friends/family care for them and want to help overcome the crack addiction
  3. And, that there is a solution: Rehab. Posing a solution can help the addict take the step. Just pointing out the addiction problem without showing them solutions can make addicts feel like they are trapped with no way out, which can exacerbate the drug addiction.

Hopefully the crack addict will admit that they have a problem and will agree to getting into rehab. It is utterly important that they do, as crack kills.

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