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Addiction to crack is one of our nation's greatest challenges and is potentially life threatening. The sadness involved with crack addiction is that the addict will do almost anything to obtain the drug. Crack, sometimes known as "Readyrock" and "Three-inch Sticks" has haunted every level of our society from rich to poor.

Crack Addiction can cause severe emotional distress to both the addicted and their families. Family members that are involved with a crack addict go through a rollercoaster of chaos and uncertainty.

When a crack addict has realized that they have a problem, they need to have the reassurance that they can overcome their addiction. HelpAddicts has specialized consultants that help clients overcome crack addiction daily. Life can and WILL get better for a person addicted to crack but ONLY if they are open to receiving help. We can help with planning interventions for a loved one.

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We at know exactly how to help. We use the most proven addiction treatment methods centered around a holistic approach to ensure a natural and long term recovery, with the goal of preventing crack addiction relapse. The addict must realize that crack rehab is a multi-phased long term process.

Many of those addicted to crack try to talk themselves into overcoming their addictions alone, without professional treatment. The bad news is this is usually not successful. Just as a person needs a support group when they lose a loved one, the addict must realize that kicking the addiction with crack is difficult. The addict NEEDS support from friends, family and addiction treatment professionals. Usually crack addicts associate themselves with others that do the same or similar drugs. This is a situation that MUST be avoided during the addiction recovery phase, as slipping into old habits can cause crack addiction relapse.

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