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Cocaine addiction can bring extreme turmoil and suffering to those addicted, and just as much or more to their families. The most important step for someone suffering from a cocaine addiction is to actually acknowledge that they do suffer from addiction, and not enter denial. Perhaps an intervention may even be necessary, which is something with which we can help.

To begin the recovery process, the addicted person must take the next important step of contacting someone that is specialized in cocaine addiction treatment. The person addicted to cocaine has to accept that it is OK to go into rehab for such things, and they don't have to do it alone. Our staff have gone through this before and we can help.

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Cocaine addiction and rehab programs are most successful when administered by trained professionals in a warm, caring and empathetic environment, which is exactly how we operate at the holistic addiction treatment center. Those recovering from a cocaine addiction should never be made to feel guilty during the recovery process, as this is not an effective way to perform rehabilitation and prevent addiction relapse.

Recovering cocaine addicts should learn how to avoid situations where cocaine is present in the future, and how to live in a comfortable way, without the need for "coke". Studies have shown that residential treatment programs such as ours have great success rates. Addiction is a very serious problem but it CAN be conquered. Our graduates do it daily!

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There is no need to think that someone can't be helped. Our program has successfully helped people from all walks of life to recover from cocaine addiction, and it is designed for long-term success with a holistic approach.

One thing to look for, if someone believes that their loved one is using cocaine, is to listen for some of the street words for cocaine, such as "snow", "flake", "ice", or "blow".

Most cocaine addicts believe that they can get rid of their addiction by themselves. There is nothing wrong with trying to recovering from addiction alone, but doing it alone can be so much harder. Our staff have had personal involvements with addiction, so we completely understand how our clients feel, and we know how to best help people recover from their cocaine addictions.

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