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We treat persons who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction in Santa Rosa, CA. The dangers and pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse are well known. Once an individual realizes that they are out of control, it is time to get help. Our organization provides addicts with effective treatment referral resources. We employ a knowledgeable and professional staff. Those individuals in Santa Rosa, CA who suffer from substance abuse, should give us a call today too get help, using the above phone number.

Substance abuse is a huge problem in the United States. If you live in Santa Rosa, California, and have a problem with drugs we can help. Prescription drug abuse is increasingly becoming a problem. Hydrocodone, Percocet, Xanax, Oxycontin and Vicodin are heavily abused prescription drugs. The traditional street drugs continue to be abused. Drug rehab centers are forced to be able to treat all types of addicts. We provide substance abuse treatment and referral services for individuals in Santa Rosa, California. Call us today, using the phone number above.

Alcoholism not only affects the user but also those who are a part of their lives. If you live in Santa Rosa, CA and have a problem we would like to help. Alcohol is a drug and is classified as a psychoactive. Alcohol is legal, but no less potentially risky then illegal drugs. Individuals will have continual problems if they do not get help for their alcohol abuse problem. Alcoholics face increased risks of developing cancer, and liver problems. If you are from Santa Rosa, California and have an alcohol or drug problem we would love to help. Call our toll-free number today.

Many substance abuse treatment programs have success rates that hover between 2% and 20%. This may or may not be the case in Santa Rosa, California. These figures are pretty low. However, drug and alcohol addiction is difficult to treat. The better drug and alcohol rehab programs typically have higher recovery rates. Bad rehab programs generally don't have high success rates. A well trained staff makes a big difference in whether treatment succeeds or fails. If you or a loved one has a drug or alcohol problem and live in the Santa Rosa, California area, give us a call our number above. We can help!

Alcohol and drug abuse should not be ignored. If you live in Santa Rosa, California and have a problem with either of these substances, you need to get help. We will help those interested in getting off of drugs or becoming sober. We use the most proven strategies to help individuals get off of drugs and alcohol. We have an excellent staff who is experienced and well trained. You can stop abuses alcohol and drugs. If you or someone you know needs help with an alcohol or drug addiction and live in Santa Rosa, CA, please give us a call.