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Our organization is able to help individuals who live in the Santa Paula, California area overcome their substance abuse problem. The dangers and pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse are well known. Individuals hooked on drugs or who abuse alcohol need to get help immediately. Our organization works with those who have alcohol and drug addictions. Our staff is professional and well trained. If you live in Santa Paula, CA and want help, call us today using the number at the top of this page.

In America, drug abuse is a serious problem. This is true in Santa Paula, CA as well. Illegal drugs are not the only ones being abused, so are prescription medications. Commonly abused types of prescription drugs are central nervous system depressants, stimulants and opiates. Street drug use continues to be a problem. Today, drug rehab programs have to be able to help both prescription and traditional drug addicts. Those in Santa Paula, California, who need help overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs should give us a call today. We can help. Our number is at the very top of this page.

Studies show that almost 14 percent of individuals abuse alcohol. This includes persons in Santa Paula, CA. Alcohol is a psychoactive drug. A person who abuses alcohol can be in as much danger as a person who abuses what are known as 'street' drugs. A person who abuses alcohol puts themselves at risk. Cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and mental degeneration are all possibilities for those who abuse alcohol. If you are from Santa Paula, California and have an alcohol or drug problem we would love to help. Call our toll-free number today.

If the substance abuse recovery rates in Santa Paula, CA are between 2% and 20% and you want better, give us a call. This may seem a bit discouraging at first. The better drug and alcohol rehab programs typically have higher recovery rates. Treating alcohol and drug addicts can be difficult. When a program is run poorly, it makes things even tougher. A good staff can improve a facilities success rates. Individuals in the Santa Paula, CA area and are looking for a good treatment program, should give us a call at the phone number above.

Those with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol must get help or risk losing their lives. We help persons in Santa Paula, California get clean. Our organization helps addicts get clean. We pull out all of the stops to help individuals get clean. Our drug and alcohol counselors are extremely capable. It is possible to be freed from drug and alcohol abuse. If you or someone you know needs help with an alcohol or drug addiction and live in Santa Paula, CA, please give us a call.