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We help individuals beat their drug and alcohol addictions in Orland, California. Substance abuse is a serious disease and must be taken as such. The longer an addict waits, the harder it gets to quit. When an individual realizes their need for help, we are there to provide treatment. We employ a knowledgeable and professional staff. Call us if you live in the Orland, California and have a substance abuse problem. Our number is at the top of this page.

The prevalence of drug abuse continues to worry government officials. This is true even in Orland, California. Prescription drug abuse is also becoming more of a problem. The three most abused categories of prescription drugs are opiates, central nervous system depressants and stimulants. Street drugs continue to be abused regularly as well. Today, drug rehab facilities are better equipped to handle all sorts of drug addictions. Those in Orland, California, who need help overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs should give us a call today. We can help. Our number is at the very top of this page.

Alcohol abuse and addiction is a very serious issue that must be addressed in Orland, California. Alcohol has an substantial affect on a person's mind. Alcohol can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs. Individuals who continue to abuse alcohol will face multiple physical and psychological risks. An individual faces both physical and psychological risks if they do not get help. Persons interested in getting help for their alcoholism and live in Orland, California should give us a call today. Use the phone number at the top of this page.

The recovery rates of addicts enrolled in most substance abuse treatment programs is between 2% to 20%. This is true even in Orland, CA This is a pretty low figure. However, drug and alcohol abuse is difficult to treat. Users have to take what they have learned and then apply it for the rest of their lives. A good staff can improve a facilities success rates. Please give us a call if you live in Orland, CA and have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse.

Alcohol and drug abuse is a huge problem in our country. Even people in Orland, CA have problems with substance abuse. We will work tirelessly to help people get sober. We work hard to provide addicts with the tools they need to break free from alcohol and drug abuse. Our drug and alcohol counselors are extremely capable. It is possible to overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Call us today if you are ready to get off of drugs and stop drinking. Those in Orland, CA can reach us at the number above.