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We encourage individuals who live in Monrovia, California and have an addiction problem, to call us for help. We take substance abuse seriously because we know what it can do to ones life. Individuals hooked on drugs or who abuse alcohol need to get help immediately. We provide rehab services to those who need and want them. We have one of the best staffs in the business. We look forward to helping individuals in Monrovia, CA with their substance abuse problems. We can be reached at the toll-free phone number on this page.

In America, drug abuse is a serious problem. This is true in Monrovia, CA as well. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Hydrocodone, Percocet, Xanax, Oxycontin and Vicodin are heavily abused prescription drugs. The traditional street drugs continue to be abused. The very best drug rehab centers will be able to treat both prescription and street drug addictions. Please call us today if you have a drug abuse problem. If you live in Monrovia, California, please give us a call - use the toll-free number at the top of this page.

Nearly 14% of Americans are believed to be problem drinkers. These include individuals in Monrovia, California. Alcohol is known as a psychoactive drug. Though alcohol is legal, it can potentially be very destructive. There are number of risks a person is susceptible to if they continue to abuse alcohol. Cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and mental degeneration are all possibilities for those who abuse alcohol. We provide alcohol addiction treatment services for people from Monrovia, CA area. If you or a loved one needs help, call us today at the phone number above.

The average recovery rate for addicts who attend rehab is about 2% to 20%. Addicts in the Monrovia, CA, may or may not have better success rates. At first glance, this is discouraging. However, there are programs that work and have much higher recovery rates. Those programs which are not very good will be able to help fewer people. Rehab facilities with poor staffs will not be able to provide adequate treatment. If you or a loved one has a drug or alcohol problem and live in the Monrovia, California area, give us a call our number above. We can help!

Drug and alcohol addiction is a big problem in the United States, even in cities such as Monrovia, CA. Our organization helps addicts get clean. We have helped many people get clean. Our staff is extremely capable. Don't give up on yourself. Break your ties to drugs and alcohol. Please call us today if you reside in Monrovia, California and need help getting off of drugs. We can reached at the toll-free number at the top of this page.