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We work with addicts from the Mill Valley, CA area to help them overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Not treating a drug or alcohol addiction can be fatal. When a person realizes their substance abuse is out of control, it is imperative to get help. When an individual realizes their need for help, we are there to provide treatment. Patients will be able to work with an excellent, well-trained staff. If you reside in Mill Valley, California, and have an alcohol or drug abuse problem, please give us a call at the above number.

The prevalence of drug abuse continues to worry government officials. This is true even in Mill Valley, California. Prescription drug abuse is also becoming more of a problem. It is believed that roughly 20% of Americans have used prescription drugs for purposes other then treating an ailment. Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, crack, marijuana and meth also continue to be abused as well. It is important that drug rehab centers be able to treat drug addicts of any type. If you live in the Mill Valley, California area and have a drug or alcohol problem, we can help. Call us today, our toll-free number is at the top of this page.

Alcoholism continues to be a serious problem nationally and locally, even in the Mill Valley, California area. Alcohol is classified as a psychoactive drug. Even though alcohol is legal, it is still extremely dangerous. A person who abuses alcohol puts themselves at risk. Alcoholics face increased risks of developing cancer, and liver problems. When you or your loved one is ready to get help for alcohol addiction, we would love to help. Please give us a call at free phone number at the top of this page if you live in Mill Valley, CA.

The average success rates of most drug and alcohol rehab facilities is between 2% and 20%, though some are as high as 75%. This may be surprising. However, drug and alcohol abuse is difficult to treat. Low quality drug and alcohol treatment centers will have lower success rates. A well trained staff makes a big difference in whether treatment succeeds or fails. We work with individuals to help them get free of their drug and alcohol addiction if they're from the Mill Valley, California metropolitan areas. Call us today using our toll-free number above.

Individuals who live in Mill Valley, CA and have a substance abuse problem will find that we are here, ready to help. We will work tirelessly to help people get sober. Our organization has been able to help individuals stop abusing substance. Our counselors work hard, are capable and professional. It is possible to be freed from drug and alcohol abuse. Call us today to get help with your drug or alcohol addiction. If you live in the Mill Valley, California area, give us a call.