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We provide substance abuse treatment to those who live in Gardena, CA. We take substance abuse seriously because we know what it can do to ones life. When a person realizes their substance abuse is out of control, it is imperative to get help. Our organization offers alcohol and drug rehabilitation to those that need it. We have one of the best staffs in the business. We provide rehab referral services to those in the Gardena, California area. Please contact us so we can help.

Drug abuse affects individuals of all races and socioeconomic groups. Those in Gardena, CA with a substance problem should contact us today. Prescription drug abuse is also becoming more of a problem. Drugs such as Percocet, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Hydrocodone and Xanax are amongst the most abused. Traditional drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, meth and heroin, continue to be used heavily as well. Substance abuse programs have to be able to treat both types of addictions. If you need help with your substance abuse problem call us at the toll-free number above. We provide our services to people in Gardena, CA.

Some studies show that 14% of Americans fit the definition of a problem drinker. If that includes you and you live in Gardena, CA and need help, please contact us. Alcohol affects a person's mood, thought and consciousness. A person who abuses alcohol can be in as much danger as a person who abuses what are known as 'street' drugs. Those with an alcohol addiction face a number of very serious health risks. Broken relationships, finances and illness are all outcomes of long term alcohol abuse. Those people in the Gardena, CA who want help getting sober should give us a call today. We can help! Call the toll-free number at the top of this page.

The average success rates of most drug and alcohol rehab facilities is between 2% and 20%, though some are as high as 75%. This may seem a bit discouraging at first. However, there are programs that work and have much higher recovery rates. Those programs which are not very good will be able to help fewer people. Rehab facilities with poor staffs will not be able to provide adequate treatment. If you have a problem with drug and or alcohol abuse and would like help, please give us a call at the number above. We work with individuals in the Gardena, California area.

Those with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol must get help or risk losing their lives. We help persons in Gardena, California get clean. Our aim to help people get sober. Our system works. Our staff is extremely capable. Do not let drugs and alcohol ruin your lives. Contact us today if you live in the Gardena, CA area and have a problem with drugs or alcohol.