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Our alcohol addiction rehab treatment programs are designed to help people overcome the initial step of breaking free of alcoholism, and to empower them with the confidence to remain permanently free of alcohol addiction.

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The Phases of Holistic Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Rehab Treatment, Phase 1

We perform a thorough psychological evaluation to assess each client's individual needs, strengths and weaknesses as it relates to overcoming alcohol addiction / alcoholism. Based on this evaluation, the client then joins the most appropriate addiction program groups. Each client is treated with the utmost of dignity and respect during this sensitive stage.

Phase 1 introduces some important steps in breaking free of alcohol addiction. The schedule includes: individual and group therapy, family therapy, lectures, balanced nutrition, fitness activities (such as weightlifting, karate, tai-chi and yoga), meditation and spirituality, bio-feedback, acupuncture, recreation and fun, daily support groups and fellowship (AA, OA, NA, etc.), vocational and educational assistance, and job placement, and liaisons with courts and probation officers.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment, Phase 2

After completing Phase 1, the client is ready to make the critical and sensitive transitional step back into the workforce. Given that this can be extremely difficult and stressful for a recovering alcoholic, we make the process much more comfortable by helping with and difficulties, aiding with job placement and assisting the client to solve problems.

For the next 45, clients will work at their job during the day and receive alcohol addiction treatment in the evenings and during the weekends.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment, Phase 3

Phase 3 of our holistic alcohol addiction treatment program is the aftercare component of alcoholism recovery. Clients return to our addiction treatment center once per week for up to one year, at no charge.

Our trained addiction recovery professionals monitor each patient's recovery progress. The aftercare plan for each client is revised and updated as necessary based on individual needs with the focus of relapse prevention and problem solving.

In the event that a recovering client is having significant trouble adjusting with the program, the client may be asked by the treatment team to return to our center to undergo additional alcohol addiction recovery treatment.

For out-of-towners, aftercare is coordinated with a treatment center at the client's location, for convenience.

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