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The Holistic Addiction Treatment Center was founded by recovering addicts, so we know when you're going through. Our staff know how to help.

Our drug and alcohol rehab center treatment programs are facilitated by highly skilled professionals with years of experience in their specialized fields of drug and alcohol abuse. Our qualified staff includes 2 psychiatrists, a physician with a background in nutrition, state certified and masters level addiction counselors, a licensed nutritionist, a Registered Nurse, a nationally certified acupuncturist, an exercise specialist and much more. We have a total staff of over 70 to treat 25 -30 inpatient clients at a time.

Most importantly, our staff at the Holistic drug and alcohol rehab center are all loving and caring people committed to recovery. We believe quality care begins with a staff having minimum work related stress. To implement this, a therapist is brought in at least once a month to counsel our staff insuring quality care and a cohesive work environment.