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We specialize in a substance abuse relapse prevention plan, providing life building skills to promote continuous recovery. Holistic counseling helps continue the process offering a one year aftercare program that provides a support system, with focus on abstinence techniques and problem solving. Making a difference is our priority and goal. After completion of our inpatient program, the client continues with aftercare, which is a one year, once a week commitment at no extra cost. Aftercare groups are facilitated by our trained, certified professionals, who monitor each client's aftercare plan, revising and updating as necessary. The focus of aftercare is relapse prevention and problem solving for the client and their families.

Our intensive outpatient program is six to eighteen weeks long. Each client helps develop their individual treatment plan. The client attends group therapy 5 nights a week with individual and family sessions. This may be increased depending on individual need. The client is required to attend 5 NA/AA meetings per week in addition to developing a relationship with a sponsor, finding a home group and becoming involved in the fellowships social support network.

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We offer beautiful three bedroom homes in a tranquil neighborhood with a live-in house milieu therapist on the premises. Our long-term substance abuse relapse prevention treatment program is approximately four and a half weeks to one year in length. We provide an integrated approach to long term success at chemical abstinence. Program length of stay varies depending on client progress and multi-disciplinary staff assessment.

Each client participates in a thorough bio psychosocial and psychological test to assess for any possible underlying diagnosis. We have found that many chronic relapses manifest symptoms of dual disorders. Medication is frequently required in these instances to help increase the possibilities for long term gains. Alternative medicine is usually the first line of defense in these cases. Other elements and treatment areas to our holistic approach are as follows:

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