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    Holistic Addiction Rehab: Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab & Treatment Center

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    What is the Holistic Addiction Treatment Center?

    The Holistic Addiction Treatment Center offers a unique and proven approach to addiction rehab for drugs and alcohol. Our programs are based on "holistic" solutions to addiction treatment and drug rehab, which has proven extremely effective in increasing addiction recovery rates and preventing addiction relapse.

    To learn more, call us anytime for free at 1-800-559-9503.

    Our Addiction Rehab Treatment Approach

    Our holistic addiction rehab treatments promote recovery for the mind, body and spirit. Each recovering addict at our treatment facility receives respect, compassion and support from doctors/staff and fellow recovering addicts. We work with clients individually to address their specific weaknesses and requirements.

    We combine the best of traditional addiction therapies together with holistic addiction treatments, as part of our unique 12-step recovery program. Understanding that addictions can affect loved ones, we help families work through the addiction recovery process together as part of our holistic treatments.

    Call 1-800-559-9503 for a free consultation!

    Addictions We Treat...

    The Holistic Addiction Treatment Center helps treat people recovering from a wide range of addictions, incuding alcoholism and drugs such as cocaine addiction , heroin, meth addiction, etc. We also treat the underlying causes of addiction such as . dual diagnosis, where substance addiction coexists together with another ailment, such as BiPolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.

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